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Course Objectives

Course Content

  • To enable participants to understand and how to manage an emergency situation with interventions

  • To enable staff in Security, Cleaning, Food + Beverage Industry and Outdoor events and Sports

  • To equip participants with the knowledge and skills to perform basic first aid treatment for cuts, falls or injuries

Call:  6570-6033

WhatsApp:  9235-7213

  • Introduction to First Aid and Role of the First Aider

  • First Aid Kit

  • Types of Wounds and Bleeding

  • Injuries Types

    • E.g. Fractures 

  • Burns and Scalds 

  • Asthma

  • Fainting

  • Home Safety and Prevention

Students: Staff in Security, Cleaning & Food + Beverage + Outdoor sports.

Duration:  7 Hours

Fee: $140.00


Ratio:  4:1 CPR + AED 

Language: English

CERT Certification. SFC-eligible

Course Information

Refresher course is available 

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